Iran-P5+1 talks

Iran talks may have to be extended: Euronews

Tehran, July 6, IRNA – In order to resolve the outstanding issues, nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers may have to be extended, Euronews said on Monday.

Time is running out on closing a deal with Iran which is likely to put an end to years of dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program.

The deadline is Tuesday and the six world powers are putting the pressure on Tehran to resolve differences.

European Union foreign chief Federica Mogherini has urged Iran to grasp the nettle:

“My message today is that if a deal can be closed it’s now. It’s not time, the issue is political decisions that need to be taken now.”

The major powers 5+1 (the US, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia) suspect Iran of trying to develop a nuclear weapons capability. Iran says its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes such as producing medical isotopes and generating electricity.

US Secretary of State John Kerry says a deal is close but warned that the US stands ready to walk away:

“Over the past few days we have, in fact, made genuine progress, but I want to be absolutely clear with everybody. We are not yet where we need to be on several of the most difficult issues.”

Iran says its working hard but that some things just aren’t clear such as when UN sanctions will be lifted.