Iran to export 28,000 tonnes of fishery products to Russia

An official at Iran Fisheries Organization says the country will soon export about 28,000 tonnes of various kinds of fishery products to its northern neighbor, Russia.

Isa Golshahi, Iran Fisheries Organization’s director general for quality improvement, processing and development of fisheries market, told Mehr news agency on Sunday that according to contracts signed between the two countries, Iran will start exporting fishery products to Russia in late August.

“According to existing contracts between the two countries, about 28,000 tonnes of fishery products, including shrimp, trout, other varieties of fish, and canned products will be exported to Russia,” he added.

Golshani noted that the most important cultured products requested by Russia include trout and shrimp, which can be only exported when the cultured produce reaches a suitable weight.

Therefore, he added, export of cultured fishery products officially starts in late August or early September.

In recent months, Iran and Russia have taken steps to boost trade ties, with Russia announcing its decision to import foodstuff from Iran.

The decision came after Russia banned imports of meat and dairy products as well as fruits, vegetables, and fish from Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, when those countries imposed sanctions against Russia claiming that Moscow had a hand in the ongoing unrest in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Russia has categorically rejected the accusation blaming the West for the worsening crisis in Ukraine and imposing countersanctions on the US and the EU.

On Saturday, head of Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce, Asadollah Asgarowladi, announced that Tehran and Moscow have signed an agreement to pave the way for the export of Iran’s livestock products, especially chicken meat and dairy products, to Russia.

“…There are at least 10 companies producing dairy products in Iran… [and] we have asked the minister of agriculture jihad to provide suitable grounds for all 10 companies to export their products to Russia,” he added.

By Press TV