Publication of inaccurate talks on nuclear talks against Leader’s will

Holy Qom, July 3, IRNA – Publication and broadcasting of false news, or news based on insufficient knowledge on nuclear talks are against national security and against Supreme Leader’s words and will, said Parliament speaker Ali Larijani here Thursday night.

‘Unfortunately, some people have felt they are religiously obliged to speak harshly and negatively against the nuclear negotiations and the government officials in addressing the people in gatherings, most of which are inclusive of false news and deviations of the truth,’ said Larijani, addressing a Conference to Praise the Exemplary Industrialists and Miners of Qom Province.

‘A brother has in one of the provinces claimed that the nuclear sites in Iran have all been shut down, or another brother has elsewhere said that all of Iran’s nuclear haves and have not’s have been Shipped to the America!’ he elaborated.

‘Someone else is intriguing the people arguing that the Leader is alone and the people should rush to the scene. The question in facing such comments is: why some people speak publicly without having access to proper information and knowledge? Another question is: why some people accuse the Iranian nuclear negotiation team?’ said Larijani.