Asefi: US commits “political suicide” if disturbs talks

Tehran, July 1, IRNA – Former spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Hamid Reza Asefi stressed that Iran should not get involved in time in the nuclear talks, adding that if the United States is affected by miscalculation and disturbs the negotiation trend as such that no agreement will be achieved in fact it has committed a “political suicide”.

Speaking in a special televised program on Tuesday night, Asefil further remarked, “In the talks we should not get ourselves involved in time as the method of the Westerners is to take points from the opposite side.”

Reminding of the trend of talks since the past 13 years, Asefi said, “Continuation of the talks to an unlimited and long time period is not in our interest as it will intensify the terms of uncertainty in different economic sectors but one week to one month extension is not important and in fact what is important is to achieve the targets considered by our country in this agreement.”

Stressing that holding negotiations is a hard task, the veteran diplomat noted, “When we talk with six countries which do not have similar views, the situation will become even harder. Talks consume both a great deal of time and energy and when several rounds of talks take place in a day it becomes even unbearable”.

Referring to the pressures of the Zionist regime and lobbying of certain Western officials to impose pressures on the Iranian delegation in the process of the talks, Asefi noted the target in escalating media assault these days is to take more points.

He said the West is fully cognizant of Iran’s red lines which have been openly announced, adding that therefore they are under pressure to blackmail and are resorting to issues that in the case of possible failure of the talks they say they should not be blamed for it.

Asefi continued that the Islamic Republic of Iran has so far taken control of the world public opinion and nearly all have come to the conclusion that Iran is right in the nuclear issue.

Furthermore, he opined that lifting of sanctions on the agreement day is highly important which will not only create a positive atmosphere for the country in domestic and foreign trade but will also make it hard for the opposing side to renege.

Stressing that it is hard to make predictions in politics, he said he thought a reputable and respectful agreement will be achieved unless something different will happen.