Iran unveils petition on national nuclear fact sheet

Tehran, June 30, The Iran Project – The petition signed by millions of Iranians  in support of national fact sheet was unveiled in Tehran’s Azadi Square (freedom square) on Tuesday.

National nuclear fact sheet petition signed by millions of Iranians was unveiled on Tuesday in a ceremony held in Tehran’s Azadi square in the presence of a large number of people and officials.

This fact sheet contains 6 paragraphs of leader and people’s demands to support and strengthen Iran’s negotiating team that was earlier unveiled on May 28 signed by the families of nuclear martyrs and more than 17 thousand lawyers.



After eight days and nights of intense negotiations, on April 2, Iranian Foreign Minister and the European Union foreign and security policy chief, presented a joint statement on behalf of Iran and the P5+1 nations but when Iran published the Persian translation of the document, It was found out that the differences between the two were far-reaching.

Then, Iran MPs urged the Foreign Ministry to release Iranian version of Lausanne fact sheet to pinpoint the revisions needed to be made in the Lausanne statement..

Then, Head of the Nuclear Committee Ebrahim Karkhaneyee presented a fact sheet which included the necessity for respecting the redlines and guidelines specified by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the reversible nature of Iran’s decisions in case of the other side’s non-commitment to its undertakings and the annulment of all sanctions together immediately after the first day of implementation of the final agreement.