Nuclear deal within the reach: Salehi

Tehran, June 28, IRNA – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Akbar Salehi said Sunday that if the other side honors the framework agreement achieved on April 2 in Lausanne and does not seek excessive demands, a nuclear deal is within the reach.
Speaking to reporters, Salehi said that both Tehran and the other parties want an ideal accord which he said is not possible.

Salehi believed that the two sides will have to somewhere agree on a compromise deal.

From Iran’s viewpoint, an agreement should not stop or slow down the country’s nuclear activities, Salehi said.

‘Our (nuclear) activities have to be expanded which need a lot of discussion.’

Salehi said that the other side has its own concerns that Iran can remove them through international means.

The other side raises a range of concerns unrightfully, Salehi said, adding, ‘We have repeatedly said that Iran’s nuclear issue is a technical case and that we are ready to remove their concerns through international regulations such as the IAEA.’

He said that Iran has defined redlines for itself and will not cross them.