Iran captures top drug lord

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s anti-narcotics police chief said Wednesday that the ringleader of an international drug trafficking gang has been captured in the country in a complicated operation.

Speaking at a press conference in Tehran, General Ali Moayedi said the drug kingpin, a 34-year-old Iranian man, was arrested a month ago in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran.

The criminal, involved in mega drug-transiting activities across the region, was captured following years of intelligence activities by Iran and the United Arab Emirates, the commander explained.

He had set up a big drug ring in association with nationals from other states and has been travelling to different countries in the region for years with false passports and different names, Moayedi said.

The gang leader has smuggled “more than 100 tons of narcotics” across the countries in the region in recent years, the general added, noting that only Iran’s police have seized more than 21 tons of drugs from his cartel.

The notorious smuggler was with his family and armed when arrested, the commander said, adding that a check for 2,000 billion rials (around 70 million US dollars) and 50 cellular phones were confiscated during the police raid.

According to Moayedi, the criminal was engaged in arms trafficking as well.

Multiple drug storehouses under control of his ring were identified after his arrest and more than 40 firearms were confiscated from his associates.

Apart from drug trafficking in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the arrested man had expanded his criminal activities to countries outside the region, the general went on to say.

By Tasnim News Agency