Iran to play Argentina in Volleyball World Cup opening match

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran and Argentina will meet in the opening pool of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup later in 2015.

Argentina will participate in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup under leadership of Julio Vlasco who has already coached Iran.

The World Cup takes place across Japan from September 8 – 23 and features 12 sides including the host and the world and two teams from each continental confederation.

Russia and Poland are paired in Pool B in the first round and will also take on Argentina, Iran, Venezuela and an African representative (CAVB1) in Hamamatsu.

FIVB Volleyball World League champion USA lead the way in Pool A, which takes place in Hiroshima. John Speraw’s team will face host Japan, World League silver medallists Italy, Australia, Canada and the second African representative (CAVB2).

There are 30 matches in the first round, which take place over five days. Teams are divided into two pools of six teams, wrote.

The competition system of the 2015 World Cup for men is the single Round-Robin system. Each team plays once against each of the 11 remaining teams. Points are accumulated during the whole tournament, and the final ranking is determined by the total points gained.

In the second and third rounds teams play three other teams they had not previously played over six days and 36 matches.

At the end of the competition the medals go to the top three teams. The winners and runners-up also earn a place at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup, Japan 2015 – Pool Draw

1st Round

September 8
Pool A – USA v Australia, Japan v CAVB 2, Canada v Italy
Pool B – Poland v CAVB 1, Russia v Venezuela, Argentina v Iran

September 9
Pool A – Australia v Italy, CAVB 2 v Canada, USA v Japan
Pool B – CAVB 1 v IRI, Venezuela v Argentina, Poland v Russia

September 10
Pool A – Japan v Australia, Canada v USA, Italy v CAVB 2
Pool B – Russia v CAVB 1, Argentina v Poland, Iran v Venezuela

September 12
Pool A – Australia v CAVB 2, USA v Italy, Japan v Canada
Pool B – CAVB 1 v Venezuela, Poland v Iran, Russia v Argentina

September 13
Pool A – Canada v Australia, CAVB2 v USA, Italy v Japan
Pool B – Argentina v CAVB 1, Iran v Russia, Venezuela v Poland

2nd Round

September 16
Pool A – USA v Venezuela, Italy v Iran, Japan v CAVB 1
Pool B – Canada v Poland, Australia v Russia, CAVB 2 v Argentina

September 17
Pool A – USA v Iran, Italy v CAVB 1, Japan v Venezuela
Pool B – Canada v Russia, Australia v Argentina, CAVB 2 v Poland

September 18
Pool A – USA v CAVB 1, Italy v Venezuela, Japan v Iran
Pool B – Canada v Argentina, Australia v Poland, CAVB 2 v Russia

3rd Round

September 21
Pool A – USA v Poland, Italy v Russia, Japan v Argentina
Pool B – Canada v Venezuela, Australia v Iran, CAVB 2 v CAVB 1

September 22
Pool A – Italy v Argentina, Japan v Poland, USA v Russia
Pool B – CAVB2 v Venezuela, Canada v Iran, Australia v CAVB1

September 23
Pool A – Italy v Poland, Japan v Russia, USA v Argentina
Pool B – CAVB2 v Iran, Canada v CAVB1, Australia v Venezuela

By Tasnim News Agency