Iran buys world’s most advanced oil tanker

TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – Iran’s oil and gas industry for the very first time has bought one of the most advanced oil tankers in the world to become self-sufficient in acidifying oil and gas wells in the Persian Gulf.

Following anti-Iran sanctions, a number of oil companies including the American Halliburton Company and British Schlumberger that were in charge of offering additional services in drilling oil and gas wells, unilaterally terminated their contract with the National Iranian Oil Company.

After purchasing one of the world’s largest crane vessels for installing giant oil and gas offshore rigs in the Persian Gulf as well as the largest floating oil storage unit (FSU) in February Iran has now been equipped with one of the most advanced oil tankers in the world.

The acidifying oil tanker known as Deep Cleaner is one of the most advanced vessels of its kind in the Middle East region, and is equipped with a permanently installed nitrogen unit and liquid nitrogen tanks.

The reports released by the National Iranian Oil Company indicates the operations of this acidizing tanker in South Pars phase 16 development plan has set a new record by increasing the oil production of phase 16 wells up to 2.5 times.

By Mehr News Agency