Bill about nuclear talks for Majlis debate amended

Tehran, June 20, IRNA – A bill about nuclear talks for debate by Members of Parliament was amended before presenting to the formal session.
The original text of the bill is not available for IRNA.

IRNA parliamentary correspondent said it aims to urge the Government to Preserve Nuclear Achievements and Rights.

The MPs want to reach consensus about wording a text in the form of law to require the government to preserve the rights of the nation enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty.

One phrase of the text emphasized the need to heed views of the Supreme National Security Council and that the minister of foreign affairs must once for every six-month report the process of implementing the agreement to the parliament.

The single-star priority of ‘Urging the Government to Preserve Iranian Nation’s Nuclear Achievements and Rights’ bill was approved on February3 and request for surveying it as a top priority bill was approved on June 17.

The new bill’s text is a follows:

Single Article:

In line with preserving the national interests and observing the regulations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), any nuclear negotiations with the countries of the 5+1 Group (the UN Security Council Big 5 plus Germany) will be validated if the following necessities will be clearly observed in it:

1. All the sanctions will be, as a part of the agreement, fully and solidly terminated on the day of signing the agreement.

2. The International Atomic Energy Agency will be allowed to conduct conventional supervisions on the nuclear sites under supervision of the Supreme National Security Council. Access to military, security, and non-nuclear sensitive premises, documents and scientists are forbidden.

3. No limitation in acquiring peaceful nuclear science and technology and research and development in those fields is acceptable and the Supreme National Security Council guidelines must be observed respectively.

Appendix 1: Based on articles 77 and 125 of the Constitution the outcome of the negotiations must be in conformity both with the Constitution and with the ratifications of the Iranian Parliament.

Appendix 2: The minister of foreign affairs is commissioned to report the process of proper implementation of the agreement to the Parliament once every six-month. The Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission will once every six-month present a report to the MPs about proper implementation of the agreement.