Iran vigilant against spying threats: Nuclear negotiator

Tehran, June 11, IRNA – A member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team said the negotiators are watchful of the ‘possibility of evesdropping’ or spying acts and are alwyas paying due attention to the ‘high risk’.

‘Iranian negotiators always take into consideration the high risk and possibility of eavesdropping and are always cautious, regardless of the recent piece of news on computer virus spying,’ the negotiator told IRNA.

The comments were made after a Russian cybersecurity firm said Wednesday it uncovered a cyber-espionage campaign targeting hotels that hosted Iran nuclear negotiations.

According to the firm, Kaspersky, the malware was so sophisticated that it must have

been created by a government, and it has also contaminated the electronic gadgets of reporters and media teams present at the negotiations venue.

Swiss federal prosecutors in the city of Berne said on Thursday they have launched an investigation following reports that the Iran nuclear talks were targeted for espionage, media reports said.

According to US news reports, Israeli regime is believed to have spied on the Iran

nuclear talks.

Citing former US intelligence officials, The Wall Street Journal linked the spying to Israel, which opposes the emerging nuclear deal being hammered out by Iran and six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany).