No verifiable Iran deal reached yet but talks go on – French FM

The international group of negotiators wants to ink a comprehensive agreement with Iran on Tehran’s nuclear program but the parties have not yet agreed on a verifiable deal, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.

“A deal that cannot be verified cannot be implemented,” he noted, reiterating France’s stance that the Islamic Republic has to allow inspections of its military sites.
“We are not yet at the end of the discussion,” Fabius added.


: “no without inspection (military centers)”. Not mentioned in statement seeking for pretexts to derail .

Iran has repeatedly insisted that its nuclear program is purely peaceful in its nature, thus foreigners do not need to inspect the country’s military facilities or talk to scientist involved in the program.
This week, a senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told reporters that “inspection of Iran’s military sites is forbidden and no permission will be given to any foreigners, American or otherwise, to inspect our country’s military and sensitive sites.”

They say new things in negotiations;we already said that we won’t allow foreigners to carry out any inspections on military sites

In April, Iran agreed to curb its uranium enrichment and let monitors from the International Atomic Energy Agency verify the process in exchange for sanctions relief as part of a framework deal with the world powers.
The deadline to reach a final agreement runs out on June 30.

By Sputnik News