Iran hopeful Turkey’s elections to help regional stability

TEHRAN, Jun. 10 (MNA) – Iran extended congratulations to Turkey over Sunday parliamentary elections, hoping the results would play an effective role in promoting stability in the region.Iranian Foreign Ministery Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Tuesday Iran fully respects Turkish people’s votes in the country’s national parliamentary elections, and expressed hope the election results would further contribute to the people’s welfare and promote peace and stability in the region.

“Turkey’s election that was held in a peaceful atmosphere with the participation of over 85 percent casting their votes was a great victory for Turkish nation and government,” said Afkham on Tuesday.

She added the Islamic Republic of Iran as Turkey’s neighbor and friend deems the country’s peaceful elections ‘highly significant.’

Afkham further noted that Iran was certain the bilateral relations between the two countries would be strengthened in all fields in the future.

During the June 7 parliamentary elections, Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority for the first time since coming to power in 2002.

AKP seized nearly 41 percent of the votes, gaining 258 seats in the country’s 550-seat Grand National Assembly.

By Mehr News Agency