Iran’s Rabiee to attend International Labor Conference in Geneva

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Welfare Ali Rabiee will depart for Switzerland’s Geneva on Monday to take part in the 104th meeting of the International Labor Conference (ILC).

Rabiee will chair the group of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries in the conference. He is also scheduled to hold meetings with his foreign counterparts during the visit to Geneva.

The 104th session of the International Labor Conference began on June 1 and will run until June 13.

The International Labor Conference is the highest decision making body at the International Labor Organization (ILO).

It convenes annually in June, bringing together delegations from the Organization’s 185 member States. The conference is composed of a plenary and of technical committees.

Each member state is represented by a delegation consisting of two government delegates, an employer delegate, a worker delegate, and their respective advisers.

Every delegate has the same rights, and all can express themselves freely and vote as they wish. So it happens that worker and employer delegates sometimes vote against their government’s representatives or against each other, according to ILO website.

By Tasnim News Agency