Biden aide defends Iran diplomacy

Tehran, June 6, IRNA – A nuclear deal with Iran will reduce Tehran’s enrichment capacity, US Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser told a conference in Qatar on Monday, AFP reported.

Colin H. Kahl, speaking at the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, said the current deal being hammered out was the best on offer, despite skeptical voices in the US and elsewhere, including Persian Gulf Arab states.

“Under the deal we are negotiating… Iran’s enrichment capability will be substantially rolled back,” said Kahl.

“The deal we are negotiating makes us and the region safer.”

The negotiators engaged in the ongoing talks between Iran and the major powers on a nuclear accord are trying to bridge differences, especially over a monitoring and verification regime regarding Tehran’s nuclear program.

Other sticking points remain, including the UN nuclear agency’s investigation into what it calls possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear work and the demands by some major powers for UN inspections of Iranian military sites, which have been rejected by Iran.