Tehran mayor promises to provide a place for Parties House

Tehran, May 21, The Iran Project – Tehran Mayor has accepted to provide a suitable place for the establishment of the Parties House, deputy interior minister for political affairs said on Thursday, Tasnim news agency reported.

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf has promised to consider a place for the Parties House, Mohammad Hussein Moghimi, deputy interior minister for political affairs said in the extraordinary general assembly held in the Interior Ministry.

Besides, Mostafa Kavakebian and Mohammad Hasan Ghafuri-Fard were respectively elected as the interim President and Vice President of the Parties House extraordinary General Assembly Thursday morning, IRNA said.

Also, in his recent actions, Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, mayor of Tehran directed all of the city’s 1,500 billboards fitted out with copies of famous works of art, including many by prominent Western artists.

Mojtaba Mousavi, a counselor to the Organization of Beautification of Tehran, described the aim of the Mayor’s recent project “Our people are too busy to go to museums and galleries so we decided to turn the entire city into a huge gallery.”