Afkham: Chinese President to visit Iran

Tehran, May 6, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Wednesday that Chiense President Xi Jinping will visit Iran but the date is not fixed yet.

She made the remarks in her weekly press briefing.

Afkham said that the Chinese President’s visit to Tehran will take place but the definite timing is not fixed yet.

Commenting on blaspheming Great Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and escalation of Islamphobia, Afkham said that the Islamic Republic of Iran denounces blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Islamphobia as outrageous, terming them cowardly attempts of a few groups to target ideology and beliefs of Muslims.

On shooting incident in the US Texas, Afkham said Iran condemns any terrorist measure and killing of the innocent people, while emphasizing respect to ideas and values of the world Muslims.

Asked about growing interest of foreign companies in business with Iran on the occasion of imminent nuclear deal, Afkham said representatives of the companies are now mulling ways and means of economic and trade activities in Iran.

‘However, any visit should not be interpreted as conclusion of any agreement. Our plan is attracting partners in tune with potentials of the country.’

She said that in the past one year, there have been demands on part of the Asian and western states as they voiced growing interest in presence in Iran and their envoys are doing feasibility study for the purpose.

Asked about her idea on developments north of Syria, Afkham said Tehran condemns continued moves of terrorist groups in Syria and massacre and homelessness of the defenseless people there, and believes that the humanitarian crisis in Syria is the outcome of blatant support of foreigners for terrorists.

Entry of large volume of heavy arms along with terrorist elements to Syrian soil as well as role of certain governments to dispatch terrorists to the country are unacceptable, she said.

She termed harboring terrorists to Syria as the token of open military aggression on a sovereign nation of Syria.

‘We have always warned against instrumental use of terrorism to materialize one’s own illegitimate political goals in the region, cautioning against broadening of instability and insecurity in the region.’

She said Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from any preconditions set by foreign players is the only way to get out of the ongoing crisis.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran supports political solution for Syria and will continue its support for Syrian nation and government to confront terrorists.’