Federica Mogherini

Mogherini hopes for comprehensive accord between Iran, G5+1

Beijing, May 6, IRNA — European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, hopes that Iran and G5+1 would reach a good and comprehensive agreement in the course of their negotiations.

Speaking to a group of Beijing University students, Mogherini lauded efforts of countries dealing with Iran nuclear case and said approval of the final text of the comprehensive nuclear accord next month is among the goals being pursued by these countries.

In a joint press conference with China’s State Councilor Yang Jiechi last night, Mogherini said representatives of Iran and the G5+1 are now busy drafting the text of the comprehensive accord.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Mogherini lauded constructive role of Russia in Iran nuclear issue and said it is a country which serves as a constructive and effective partner for the European Union as far as Iran’s nuclear issue is considered.

She said the EU respects Russia’s role in Iran nuclear file but believes that an unstable and isolated Russia will not benefit anybody.