Negotiator: UN obliged to revoke resolutions citing chapter seven

Tehran, May 5, IRNA – Senior negotiator Hamid Baeedinejad said on Tuesday that for the United Nations Security Council is obliged to revoke the former resolutions it passed against Iran citing Chapter VII of UN charter about Iranian nuclear program.

Baeedinejad wrote on his Instagram page that Iran suffered many blows from the resolutions the UN Security Council passed against Iran citing chapter seven of the UN charter. Now the time has come to the Security Council to pass a new resolution to revoke the former ones they cited chapter seven of the UN charter.

He said that the Security Council has passed seven resolutions citing chapter seven of UN charter against Iran and the world body must declare them null and void by a new resolution.

He said that the Security Council misportrayed Iranian nuclear program a threat to international peace and security by citing chapter seven of the UN chater to pass resolutions against Iran, a prelude to the UN sanctions.

‘Now it’s the Security Council’s turn to revoke the former resolutions, making the member countries committed and binding to lift the sanctions. Especially, under the current circumstances that the US Congress and certain important power institutions in the US repeatedly threaten that the US should not remain loyal to the nuclear accord in the future.’