Iran’s capability in building marine vessels undeniable

Tehran, May 3, IRNA – Head of the Shipbuilding Committee of Iran Marine Engineering Association said Iran’s capability in building any type of marine installation and vessel is undeniable if it’s judged fairly.

Speaking to IRNA, Payman Masoudzade pointed to capability of domestic experts in building marine vessels and said, “If we judge fairly and rationally there is the capability inside the country for building any installation but due to economic considerations, building any large vessels in the first stage should be participatory or within the framework of participation with foreign firms so that while reducing time, costs will be reduced as well.”

He said in any order for building vessels outside the country, capability of domestic producers should be used or it should be with their participation so that relevant knowledge and expertise will be transferred to the country within a period of time.

Elsewhere in his remarks he pointed to the sanctions and said as it was shown the only way to fight off sanctions is reliance on domestic capabilities, adding that in the first stage domestic capabilities should be believed and then through proper planning in strategic fields capacity-building and empowerment should be implemented.