Rocket alarm sirens sound in Golan Heights, northern Galilee

Mortars land in open areas, causing no injuries; IDF says incident was errant fire from Syria.

Two mortars shells hit open areas in the Golan Heights on Tuesday morning, in what the IDF said was errant fire from Syria.

The mortars landed in open areas near the Ein Zivan kibbutz in the Golan Heights. No injuries were reported, and IDF forces are currently combing the area.

The incident follows days of escalated tensions along the Israel-Syria border.

An Israeli source on Monday denied a report that the Israeli army struck missile batteries belonging to Hezbollah and the Syrian army near the Syria-Lebanon border. A report by Al Jazeera said late on Sunday that the attack resulted in several casualties.

On Sunday, Israeli Air Force aircraft struck a militant cell that was trying to place an explosive device on Israel’s border with Syria, reportedly killing three militants.

The Israeli Air Force reportedly attacked Syrian army bases where Hezbollah stored long-range missiles late Friday night.

The airstrikes reportedly targeted the bases of the 155th and 65th strategic missile brigades, stationed in Qalamoun, near the Syria-Lebanon border. Residents of nearby cities Yabroud and Qarah reported hearing explosions.

According to an Al Arabiya report, Friday night’s strikes were preceded by another attack on Wednesday, targeting a Hezbollah convoy carrying weapons. According to the report, at least one person was killed in that attack.

Last month, in wake of the Lausanne talks concerning Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “we [in Israel] are not closing our eyes, and we will continue to act against any threat.”

By Haaretz