Australian film director sees Fajr Festival as great opportunity for film makers

TEHRAN (FNA)- Australian Director Maxine Williamson said the Fajr International Film Festival provides a great opportunity for Iranian and global cineasts to interact and cooperation with each other.

Born in 1964, Gladstone, Australia, Williamson holds a Bachelor Degree in Film and Television Production. She has established Asia Pacific Screen Awards competition and brand in 2007.Williamson is also the Director of the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival.During 2007 – 2009 she was the creative content producer of the APSA documentary series “Scene by Scene.”

Williamson is a member of the jury member of the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival.

Speaking in an interview with the Public Relations office of the 33rd FIFF, she said, “This is my first time to be a member of the FIFF Jury Board, but I have attended the Iran Film Market before which I found quite exciting and motivating.”

She admitted that it might be considerably great to hold the 33rd FIFF separately from the National section, but she was personally more interested in the IFM as she considers the Iranian films more exciting than the world’s cinema.She believes that there are some emerging talents in Iran’s cinema.

Maxine Williamson also added that due to the fact that there are great Iranian film teachers such as Kiarostami, Asghar Farhadi and Rakhshan Bani Etemad mentoring students from all around the world, Iran’s film industry is the way it should be and would not need any changes as it is in capable hands.

She believes that anyone with a taste for moving image is going to appreciate the movies which come from Iran.

She said that you should not be an academic or incredibly sophisticated person to be deeply moved by the humanistic story telling which comes out of the Iran. She also admitted that many of her friends in Australia who are not cinema experts adore Iranian films.

Maxine Williamson utterly indicated that regarding what Abbass Kiarostami had mentioned in his speech in Marrakech human being is being moved by the human elements and human spirit. She stated that on behalf of the Australian audiences she embraces the Iranian cinema in an impulsive way.

She pointed out that she loves Iranian people and she strongly believes that they are some of the kindest people that she has ever met and she really loves experiencing that warmth and excellent diversity, she also enjoys meeting her fellow practitioners, from Georgia, Indonesia and Turkey in the jury that she is on in Tehran.

She concluded that although the world that we are living in is a big one, the film world is not really that big, but what connects us all is the fraternity that exists in the films.

The 33rdFajr International Film Festival is held from 25 to May 2 2015 in Tehran. This is the first year that the international section of the FIFF is held separate from the national section.

By Fars News Agency