Iran ambassador to Germany urges deepening cultural ties

Berlin, April 23, IRNA — Iran’s Ambassador to Germany Ali Majedi on Wednesday called for intensifying bilateral cultural cooperation.
Iran ambassador to Germany urges deepening cultural ties

Speaking at the inauguration of a photo and painting exhibition on Isfahan, hosted by the international club of the German foreign ministry, Majedi stressed cultural and artistic interaction could further boost Tehran-Berlin ties.

Art and culture are the best language for promoting understanding among people. Culture and art pave the way for better mutual understanding, Iran’s chief diplomat in Germany said.

He pointed out the number of Germans visiting Iran last year was up 50 percent compared to 2013, saying it indicated the great interest by Germans to get to know Iran.

Referring to Isfahan as ‘the capital of cultural heritage for Iranians and the Islamic world’, Majedi said the former Iranian capital is a real symbol of cultural and religious diversity and true peaceful co-existence.

He added that for 99 percent of foreign tourists traveling to Iran, Isfahan was their first destination for a visit.

Meanwhile, top German foreign ministry officials as well as Berlin-based foreign diplomats toured the Isfahan photo and painting exhibition titled ‘From a Journey to Isfahan’.

The exhibition is showcasing art drawings and photos by renowned German painter and photographer Frank Roedel at the German foreign ministry until July 9.