Afkham: Iran welcomes Lebanese national reconciliation

Tehran, April 22, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Wednesday that Iran welcomes talks between Lebanese Hizbollah and al-Mustaqbal political party as well as any move that would strengthen political stability and national unity in Lebanon.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is pleased with dialogue and national consensus of Lebanon,’ said Afkham in her weekly press conference.

She said that the Lebanese national unity will make the country more powerful against threats posed by the enemies.

Asked about the process of the nuclear talks in the aftermath of the Swiss framework agreement, Afkham quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Abbass Araqchi as saying in an interview recently that there will be likely changes in clauses.

She noted that the framework agreement is not binding yet, there are some details on agenda of the talks and it is not the case to say no change will be made.

What is discussed today concerns partly the sanctions and partly the inspections and all details should be clarified so that final text would emerge after the talks, said Afkham.

She then commented on American military options on the table and said the Americans have admitted that there is no option except for acknowledging the Iranian nuclear rights in the face of the resolve of the Iranian nation and indigenous science of Iran nuclear program.

Responding to a question on enrichment after a 10-year period, Afkham said that after a period of 10 years Iran will have the right based on the international regulations and alike other members will have the enrichment activities and the road is not closed. ‘

On Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on the sidelines of a seminar at Allameh University that after 10 years Iran will have the right to enrich uranium.