Students urge NAM to join hands to support Yemen

Tehran, April 20, IRNA – Students from 15 Iranian universities urged the Non-Aligned Movement countries to join efforts to support the oppressed nation of Yemen.

In a letter to President Hassan Rouhani as the sitting NAM president, they urged members of the international organization to work out a consensus to render all-out backing to the revolutionary nation of Yemen.

They called on the NAM to also condemn the attacks of Saudi Arabia to Yemen.

Part of the letter read that the genocide against the oppressed nation of Yemen who are solely guilty of supporting a revolution for determining their own destiny is underway by Saudi Arabia which is a member of the United Nations and thus bound to observe international regulations.

The students called on President Rouhani as the person who chairs the Non-Aligned Movement to take speedy measures to create an international consensus for support of revolution of people in Yemen and work out ways to end the plight of the defenseless civilians.