Iranian Environment Department to monitor radio jamming

Head of Iran’s Environmental Protection Organization Masoumeh Ebtekar has said that the department is going to be equipped with radio jamming monitoring devices.

She said that numerous studies have been carried out to draft a report on radio jamming in the country and its hazards; and hoped that the ICT Ministry will cooperate with the department in acquiring and installing the equipment, IRNA news agency reported April 19.

She further said that a session is going to be held between her and ICT Minister Mahmoud Vaezi on coordinating further actions.

The jamming of satellite TV has been in use in Iran in the past few years.

Debates have been raised in Iran regarding the health hazards of satellite jamming.

Iranian officials including the health minister have claimed that jamming has no health risk for humans.

However, the minister of communication has recently admitted that satellite jamming has “serious effects” and has called for identification of jamming stations so they can put a stop to this practice.

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