Hackers penetrate Israeli military computer networks

Hackers have managed to infiltrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military through using trick emails, which skillfully package attack software.

Security researchers at US-based Blue Coat Systems Inc. said on Friday that the hackers sent emails to various military addresses that purported to show breaking military news, or, in some cases, a clip featuring female soldiers of the Israeli military forces.

Some of the emails included attachments that provided future access by the hackers and/or established modules that could download and run additional programs.

The Blue Coat Systems Inc. also stated that most antivirus engines were unable to detect the software, the vast majority of which was cobbled together from tools widely available on the market, and that it sent signals to the hackers that it was in place.

The company firm further noted that the cyber attackers spoke Arabic because some of the data recovered in the investigation showed that was the default language set in one of the programming tools. The Israeli military said it was not aware of any hacking.

In February, researchers at Russia-based Kaspersky Lab said they had discovered the first “advanced” Arabic-speaking hacking group dubbed Desert Falcons.

Kaspersky said the group operated from Palestine, Egypt and Turkey and particularly targeted military, government, media, and activists’ computers.

In 2013, Arab hackers infiltrated Israeli websites, including that of the Knesset (parliament).

By Press TV