Australian FM welcomes Islamic dress code

Tehran, April 18, IRNA – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has welcomed wearing Hijab (Islamic Dress Code) to visit Iran, according to WA Today.

The Australian Foreign Minister says Hijab is not something imposed on women and she herself uses hat, headscarf or other coverings in her daily life.

WA Today reported that an Iranian journalist abroad, who has created a facebook page to publish photos of Iranian women without Hijab, had recently called on the Australian minister not to visit Iran for imposition of Hijab.

She had said in response that in her opinion, Hijab is not something dictated to women.

Bishop says that in fact, she herself wears sometimes headscarf, hat or other coverings in her daily life.

Asked by a reporter why in a press conference in Tehran she had pushed her headscarf backward or forward, Bishop replied she felt freer that way.

The Australian Foreign Minister arrived in Tehran on Saturday.