Protecting environment necessary

TEHRAN April 15(Shana)–Protecting environment and natural resources as the infrastructures of the economy is necessary, head of Department of Environment (DOE), Masoumeh Ebtekar said.

Speaking at a meeting with Lorestan province’s representatives in parliament, Ebtaekar said environment faces some challenges which should be addressed by reliance on a national view, swift response, reasonable and scientific approach.
He continued: “Incorrect pattern of consumption and wasting natural resources such as water, soil and energy, in comparison to world average, has led to numerous crises in the country.”

Referring to Iran’s single digit ranking in producing greenhouse gases in the world, she said that under Kyoto protocol on climate change the country should enforce tough obligations regarding lowering greenhouse gas emissions which in turn make accurate planning necessary.
Touching on shortage of water in the country, she noted that according to a report by Iran’s Metrology Organization, since 23 years ago, the country has been facing low rate of rainfall and rising drought which means the country should not lose time for planning.

“The traditional approach viewed environment as a stumbling block on the path toward development, but fortunately current administration have chosen a reasonable approach toward environmental issues”, she noted.
Ebtakar said that protecting environment not only is not in contradiction with development but the country needs sustainable development in order to protect long term interests of the country.