Iran rules out Saudi FM accusation, urges Riyadh to stop bloodshed

ehran, April 13, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham on Monday ruled out allegations made by Saudi foreign minister that Iran involved in Yemen humanitarian crisis.

The Saudi foreign minister blamed Iran for interference in Yemen while it is about two weeks that the Saudi forces have perpetrated crimes against humanity and war crimes in Yemen by indiscriminate bombardment of civilian targets killing several hundred innocent civilians.

The Saudi government violated international law by the air strikes on the civilian targets and the country’s infrastructure and massacred hundreds of innocent children and women.

She rebuked the Saudi government for refusal to heed to international call to halt aggression against a defenseless nation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran based on principled stand has called for cease of Saudi military intervention in Yemen and has called for immediate dispatch of medical aid and food supplies, she said.

Yemen is an independent country with a thoughtful nation and no country is authorized to interfere in its affairs, she said.

Continued military intervention will exacerbate the humanitarian situation in Yemen and will not help resolve the humanitarian crisis, she said.

Political solution through Yemeni-Yemeni talks with contribution of all social and political groups and formation of a national unity government is the only way out of the humanitarian crisis and stop bloodshed and massacre of innocent civilians, she said.