Saudi Mufti: A Muslim man can cannibalize, eat his wife

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, a Saudi Mufti, has issued a fatwa, saying that a man is allowed to cannibalize and eat his wife.In justifying his fatwa, the Mufti said this is only permitted under one circumstance: when the husband is extremely hungry.He said that a man can eat his wife or parts of her body if the husband was afflicted with a severe hunger which may lead to his death, adding it comes in line with [the Sharia’s principle of] a woman’s obedience to her husband.

The new fatwa has met with harsh reactions in the Arab world, with a large number of Arab thinkers and intellectuals coming down hard on the fatwa.

This news was translated by IFP from Alef News Website.


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  1. Stanton Fink

    I may be naive, but, aren’t there preexisting rules in Islam that state that murder, forcing another to commit suicide on your own behalf, and cannibalism are all horrific crimes that are technically forbidden under any circumstance?

  2. Ewe

    Send this guy some whitening strips!!! Ewe…if you’re gonna eat someone work on those chompers first

  3. tyba

    jitni phitkaar iske mounh pe pari hai… isse to yeh bhi janwar lag raha hai… i guess yeh apni biwi kha chukka hai.

  4. Rana Asim Wajid

    Pathetic “journalism”… I’m no supporter of the Wahabbis but slandering any man based on unsubstantiated claims from anonymous sources is pathetic. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the true enemies of the Ummah….not the country’s people but their “leaders”.

  5. adi

    he is loving the fact that he can make his wife his bich. now hes trying to find more ways men can control and enslave women.


    That is not true guys, iranian media want to tarnish image of Islam and Saudi Arabia. They against Saudi arabia.

  7. Zoroastrian

    Seriously it’s nonsense ,what kinda religions is this ?
    Can’t stop laughing lol
    So stupid