Iran marks National Nuclear Tech Day, unveils nuclear achievements

Iran has marked National Nuclear Technology Day in a ceremony in the capital, Tehran, where the country’s latest nuclear achievements were also unveiled.

Among the domestic accomplishments unveiled on Thursday were three radio-medicines as well as a nuclear fuel assembly for power reactors.

Present at the event was Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who, in a keynote speech, congratulated Iranians on the recent nuclear achievements.

“Today is an auspicious day for the great Iranian nation in the path of the development of science and knowledge as well as progress,” said the president.

Iran unveiled three radio-medicines during a ceremony to mark the National Nuclear Technology Day, Tehran, April 9, 2015.

He added that Iranian youth and scientists have managed to make an achievement in line with national development whenever they decided to, regardless of world powers’ agreement or opposition.

Referring to the mutual understanding that Iran and six world powers reached in the Swiss city of Lausanne following days of marathon talks, Rouhani said the joint statement was not Iran’s only achievement in the nuclear talks with the P5+1 group.

Rouhani added that the Islamic Republic’s chief gain was the fact that US President Barack Obama acknowledged that the people of Iran will not surrender to bullying, sanctions and threats.

“Our triumph is that the biggest military and economic power in the world, i.e the US and the country’s president, acknowledged the fact that the Iranian nation will never yield to pressure, sanctions and bullying,” the Iranian president pointed out.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (L) standing next to Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi in a ceremony marking National Nuclear Technology Day, Tehran, April 9, 2015.

 He added that all accept that Iran is an “influential and important” country in the region.

President Rouhani stated that the majority of world countries have repeatedly verified the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program at different international bodies such as the Non-Aligned Movement.

“We tell the world now that the path of moderation, logic, negotiations, peace, tranquility, humans’ dignity and stability in the region has overcome extremism, the logic of bullying, the logic of violence and the logic of sanctions and achieved a victory,” Rouhani stated.

He noted that countries have started to respect the Iranian nation and are ending the path of sanctions, pressure and threats step by step.

The president said Iran has never sought to defeat any country in the nuclear talks, but it seeks the restoration of its rights and win-win negotiations that would be beneficial to the Islamic Republic, the region and the whole world.

He emphasized that Iran has never intended and will never wish to develop nuclear weapons, saying the Iranian nation, however, would proceed on the path of national development.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivering a speech to mark National Nuclear Technology Day, April 9, 2015.

 He noted that the unveiled nuclear achievements covered the fields of medicine, treatment, disease diagnosis and industry, indicating that Iranian scientists would continue their nuclear activities.

Rouhani added that Iran would sign no deal with the P5+1 countries “unless all economic sanctions are lifted on the first day of the implementation of the agreement.”

He expressed Iran’s readiness to cooperate with any country that seeks to interact with Tehran within a legal framework and based on mutual respect and interests.

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi also gave a speech prior to Rouhani.

He said the AEOI plans to meet the country’s needs domestically “despite threats and sanctions.”

Salehi pointed to “unfounded allegations” by some world powers over the past 10 years against Iran’s nuclear program and said it has been proved that such false claims have aimed to “exert cruel and illegal pressure [on the country] to prevent the Iranian nation and government’s march on the path of all-out development and progress.”

Salehi, who is a member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team, noted that the Iranian government seeks to ease tensions through constructive interaction with countries and cooperation with international bodies and organizations.

By Press TV