Obama phones Persian Gulf states to discuss Iran deal, regional stability

US President Barack Obama got on the phone with the leaders of the Arab Gulf states to discuss the framework nuclear deal reached with Iran two days ago.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US President Barack Obama called the leaders of the Arab Gulf states to discuss the framework nuclear deal reached with Iran, the White House said in readout of the call.

“The President today spoke with King Hamad al Khalifa of Bahrain, Amir Sabah al Sabah of Kuwait, Amir Tamim al Thani of Qatar, and Crown Prince Mohammed al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates,” the White House said on Friday.

“With each, the President shared details of the political framework reached between the P5+1, the EU, and Iran on a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding Iran’s nuclear program,” it added.

Obama told the Gulf leaders the United States would continue to support stability and security in the region despite concerns by the Arab states about growing Iranian influence in the region.The Gulf States and Saudi Arabia have expressed concerns that lifting the sanctions on Iran as part of a final deal could empower Teheran at a time when its influence is growing in Iraq and Yemen and Iran’s regional ally Syria is reportedly benefiting from the US-backed coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State.

The call comes against the backdrop of a Saudi Arabian-led air campaign in Yemen against the allegedly Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. The United States is providing logistical support and intelligence support to the coalition against the Shiite Houthis.

Obama invited the Gulf State leaders to the presidential retreat at Camp David later this spring in order to discuss regional issues and the Iran nuclear deal, the White House said.

By Sputnik News