Iran to slash enrichment capacity under future nuclear deal: U.S.

(Reuters) – Iran on Thursday agreed to significantly reduce the number of installed uranium enrichment centrifuges it has to 6,104 from 19,000 and will only operate 5,060 under a future comprehensive nuclear deal with six powers, according to a U.S. fact sheet.

Iran will gradually receive relief from U.S. and European Union nuclear sanctions as it demonstrates compliance with a future comprehensive nuclear agreement, which Iran and six world powers aim to conclude by June 30, the fact sheet said. Failure to comply with terms of the deal will cause those sanctions to “snap back into place”.

It said U.N. Security Council resolutions on Iran will be lifted and a new resolution endorsing the future deal will incorporate some provisions on transfers of sensitive technologies and activities.

It said U.S. sanctions on Iran for “terrorism, human rights abuses and ballistic missiles will remain in place” under future nuclear deal. It added that robust inspections of Iran’s uranium supply chain will last for 25 years if the deal is agreed.

By Reuters