Rouhani urges not losing exceptional nuclear chance easily

Tehran, March 26, IRNA – In a phone conversation with the British Premier David Cameron on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani discussed latest developments in nuclear talks as well as regional events.

During the conversation, the President outlined Iran’s views on nuclear issues.

Stressing Iran’s established rights based on international regulations, he highlighted Tehran’s insistence on safeguarding its nuclear rights.

He said the common views Iran and France shared about the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and the need to remove all unfair sanctions could lead them towards a final solution.

He said that all should take the unique chance of striking a deal and said everybody should move to safeguard their national and international norms and not let the chance slip away easily.

He highlighted the constructive role of the UK at the present juncture in carrying on with talks on equal bases.

Referring to the Thursday morning attack against Yemen, he condemned any military interventions against any country and said regional countries should avoid any kind of actions which would deteriorate the crisis.

The British Prime Minister said that at the present juncture, London will do its uttermost to settle problems in practical ways and try to do everything necessary to strike a final deal despite existing pressures.