US, EU ready to lift Iran economic sanctions once nuclear deal concluded

According to Iranian delegate, Iran has received a signal from the United States and the European Union in regard to their readiness to lift economic sanctions imposed against Tehran after a full agreement on the country’s nuclear program is concluded.

LAUSANNE (Sputnik)  Iran has received a signal from the United States and the European Union in regard to their readiness to lift economic sanctions imposed against Tehran after a full agreement on the country’s nuclear program is concluded, an Iranian delegate told RIA Novosti on Friday.“The Iranian delegation got a signal from the Americans and European over their readiness to lift economic sanctions immediately after the publication of an all-encompassing agreement. The main problem in lifting the sanctions are the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council and the US sanctions that need to be approved by Congress,” the delegate said.

The UN Security Council alongside some other countries has imposed several rounds of sanctions against Iran over fears it could develop nuclear weapons under the guise of a peaceful program. The UN sanctions prohibit nuclear cooperation and arms trade with Iran, as well as international investments into the Islamic republic’s gas, oil and pharmaceutical industries.

Since November 2013, Iran and the P5+1 group of international negotiators, comprising Germany and the five UN Security Council permanent members, namely Russia, the United States, China, the United Kingdom and France, have been trying to reach a long-term nuclear deal guaranteeing the peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear program.

The deadline for a long-term comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program is July.

Currently, negotiations between Tehran and P5+1 group are taking place in the Swiss city of Lausanne, with Iran trying to persuade the international community to lift some of the economic sanctions.

By Sputnik News