Phase 12, symbol of domestic capabilities

managing-director of  National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

managing-director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

TEHRAN March 15(Shana)–Managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Roknodding Javadi has said that construction of South Pars gas field phase 12 displayed domestic capabilities of Iran’s oil industry for completion of the phase.In statements to Shana, NIOC chief noted that the phase played a crucial role in meeting gas needs of the country this year, adding gas refining installations of the projects have hit their peak processing capacity.

He said completion of the phase has broken many records including launching six processing units within a year which is the result of deep belief of those forces who were involved in development of the project.

“Despite too much restrictions and problems, development of the project was very ideal and today we see that the project has borne fruit”, NIOC’s top executive told Shana.

He continued that phase 12 accounts for a remarkable portion of in-place gas reserves of the country.

Monthly value of gas and other derivatives produced from South Pars gas field phase 12 is estimated at 327 million dollars.

Located in southeast part of South Pars gas field and on the edge of offshore border with Qatar, the phase covers a 206 square kilometers area.

Onshore installations of the phase are located 150 km away in Tonbak in an area comprising 220 hectares.

Phase 12 is to be inaugurated on Tuesday.