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Iran, Russia hold talks on livestock products

Flags of Iran & Russia

Flags of Iran & Russia

Tehran, Feb 24, IRNA – A Russian veterinary team is in Tehran to inspect production units of poultry, fertilized eggs, one-day chicks, and dairy products as well as continuing bilateral talks for the export of agricultural products to their country.

In the aftermath of obtaining permission for the export of Iran’s fishery products to Russia, the second round of bilateral sessions and official inspection tour of the Russian veterinary team from production units will be continued in the current week.

The Russian team will start its work as of tomorrow, Wednesday, and the inspections will last for a week.

In this round of bilateral talks and inspections, veterinary officials of the two countries will take measures in line with facilitation of issuing permits for the export of Iran’s livestock products to Russia.

At the end of the inspections of the Russian team, a meeting will be held between the two sides to express their views and in case of positive evaluations and talks, further permissions will be issued by the team for the export of other Iran’s livestock products.