Iran, Japan to expand environmental cooperation

Flags of Iran and Japan

Flags of Iran and Japan

Tehran, Feb 18, IRNA – Vice-President and Head of Department of Environment Ma’soumeh Ebtekar in a meeting with Japan’s Deputy Minister of Environment Soichiro Seki discussed bilateral environmental cooperation.

Recalling good background of environmental cooperation between the two countries, the VP appreciated the Japanese government’s efforts and cooperation to revive Oroumeyeh Lake, adding that the 11th government on its agenda has strategy to manage water resources, optimize water consumption, especially in the sector of agriculture and change cultivation pattern to revive Oroumeyeh Lake and in this concern it will use successful experiences of other countries such as Japan.

Considering Japan’s enncounter with ‘Yellow Storm’ coming from China, the two countries by exchanging experiences can have a new area of cooperation.

Referring to creation of national fund for protection of environment in Iran, Ebtekar said that one of resources predicted for the fund is absorbption of international and regional financial assistances to support environmental projects and Japan can participate in regional projects such as dust storm control.

She continued that coincidence of Soichiro Seki’s visit to Iran with holding the 14th International Exhibition on Environment in Tehran and his attendance and speech at the exhibition could be considered a good omen.

Soichiro Seki, for his part, said that protecting environment is of high importance for Japan, so the country welcomes every kind of cooperation in this concern.

He said that Japan is ready to transfer its experiences concerning fighting air pollution to Iran.

Referring to Japan’s experiences in confronting dust storms, Seki said that Japan and Korea are hit by Chinese yellow storm and therefore their cooperation in confronting the storm has produced very constructive results that Japan is ready to share with Iran.