Iranian films awarded in French Vesoul fest

Images of Iranian films ‘Melbourne’ & ‘Iranian Ninja’

Images of Iranian films ‘Melbourne’ (L) & ‘Iranian Ninja’ (R)

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Two Iranian films were awarded in French Vesoul International Film Festival.

‘Melbourne’ by Nima Javidi and ‘Iranian Ninja’ by Marjan Riahi received three key awards from the event.

‘Melbourne’ received the Jury Special Award jointly with ‘One Summer’ China. It also won 1500 euro award in cash from National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

The Iranian movie also received awards from Asia-Pacific, Cairo, Stockholm, Gijon and Mar del Plata film festivals so far.

‘Iranian Ninja’ awarded in the event depicts hardships women face to do Ninjutsu.

The 21st edition of the event held on February 10-17 in France.