Interior minister: Iran leaves significant impact on regional developments

Qom, Feb 5, IRNA – Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Thursday that the significant influence of Iran on regional developments is well known to all.
ˈIranˈs foreign policy is in line with its domestic policies and if the people remain united and listen to the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution and the government to win people support, no country in the world can harm Iran,ˈ he said.

The government believes that the obligation to defend Islam, the Islamic Revolution and people is entrusted by the Constitution, he said.

There is no passivity and inertia in the decree issues by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution and that is why all people from different walks of life, world Muslims and even the enemies take heed of His Eminencyˈs words as the same they did that of late Imam Khomeini, he said.

All should be among true followers of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution and rely on religious beliefs and guidelines of the Supreme Leader, he said.

The Islamic revolution has overcome many ups and downs and has paved its path with more strength, he said.

The enemies depict an unreal image of Islam under the guise of a rough and violent Islam which should be seriously dealt with, he said.

They want to confront Islam under the guise of al-Qaeda and Daesh in order to demonstrate a violent image of Islam, he said.

Iran should help Muslims to lessen the impact of such propaganda, he underlined.



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