Netanyahu vows to continue preemptive action against attacks on Israel

Israeli Prime Minister vowed that Israel would continue to preempt any attacks on the country’s territory.
MOSCOW, February 1 (Sputnik) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Israel would continue to preempt any attacks on the country’s territory, while speaking at a cabinet meeting Sunday.“We [Israel] have proven that nobody is immune from our intention to foil attacks against us. Thus we have acted and thus we will continue to act,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying by the Times of Israel.

Netanyahu’s comments followed a January 18 attack on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights allegedly performed by Israel, which killed six Hezbollah fighters and Iranian Brig. Gen. Mohammed Allahbadi.

On Wednesday, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a missile attack on an Israeli military convoy in the Israeli-occupied Lebanese territories on the Golan Heights, killing two soldiers and a Spanish UN peacekeeper.

Netanyahu claimed that Iran’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, using Hezbollah as a proxy, was an attempt to open “a front” against Israel on the Golan Heights.

Meanwhile Hezbollah on Thursday informed Israel,through the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), that is was not interested in a further escalation of hostilities between the two.

Hezbollah, established in the 1980s, is a paramilitary and political organization originating in Lebanon’s Shiite population. The group aims to end Israel’s occupation of Lebanon.

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