Milk quality controlled carefully: health minister

TEHRAN – Iran’s health minister said that people need not to worry about their milk quality because food safety organizations like Food and Drug organization and ministry of agriculture Jihad are closely monitoring milk quality and taking serious actions against those who endanger people’s health, the Mehr news agency reported on Thursday.
 Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi said that citizens must reevaluate their daily food choices and replace unhealthy snacks with milk.
Stressing the importance of milk distribution in schools across the country, he said the budget designated for the purpose should not be considered as a burden on government, but a long-term investment in future generation’s health and wellbeing.
All age groups, especially children and pregnant women, must consider drinking two and half glasses of milk each day, he added.
The health minister, who was making the remarks during a visit to the exemplary Javadabad Animal Farm in Varamin in south of Tehran, said that good livestock is currently being raised in the country and “Iran is now self-sufficient in milk production.”
The purpose of the visit, according to Ghazizadeh Hashemi, was to make sure that standard methods of milk productions are being enforced.
He also said that though Iran’s milk production per capita is the same as other countries, the milk consumption per capital is lower.
The minister added that he has ordered a weekly-laboratory test of dairy products, and in case any violation occurs, strict actions will be taken against the violators by legal authorities.

By Tehran Times


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