Gas trade turning positive next year

TEHRAN Jan 29(Shana)–Iran’s gas export-import balance will become positive next year when Iran-Iraq gas export contract becomes effective.
Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) Alireza Kameli said even this year the balance is slightly in favor of Iran.

On gas imports from the neighboring country, Turkmenistan, Kameli said: “Despite rising gas production in the country, Petroleum Ministry has no intention to cut gas imports from Turkmenistan “because we prefer to have gas trade with the neighboring countries which is a kind of diversification in gas trade in itself”.

He noted that in addition to gas imports from Turkmenistan, Iran swaps as much as one million cubic meters of gas per day for delivery to Nakhjavan enclave and at the same time exchanges gas with electricity in its transactions with Armenia.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan Republic signed a gas swap contract in 2004 for 25 years.

Even though Iran’s gas trade volume is not considerable, it is among a few countries in the world which import, export and swap gas with other countries, he concluded.



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