Iran criticizes UNSC inaction about Zionist crimes

Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Hossein Dehqani

New York, Jan 16, IRNA – Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations Hossein Dehqani has said that UN Security Council’s failure in carrying out its duties has further encouraged the Zionist regime to continue its brutality against Palestinians.
Speaking at a US Security Council meeting on the Middle East situation and the Palestinian issue on Thursday, Dehqani said that while it is 67 years that Palestine has been on the agenda of the United Nations, the council once again deprived the people of Palestine in a last week voting from the peace and justice they had been long waiting for.

In 2014 that was named ‘the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’ by the United Nations, violent attacks by the Zionist regime on the besieged Palestinian people of Gaza reached a peak, Dehqani said.

The Zionist regime was never questioned for the bombardment and killing of more than 2,200 civilians, including hundreds of women and children and displacing tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian people, Dehqani regretted.

He warned that UN inaction to address the issue and continuation of the situation will undermine the credibility of the international community and the rule of law.

As Iran is the chair-state of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Dehqani said that NAM members expect the UN Security Council to strongly act, in line with the UN charter, to put an end to several decades of injustice and occupation of the Palestinian lands by the Tel Aviv regime.



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