Judiciary would support attempts to fight corruption

TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s head of Judiciary has said the first step in fighting corruption should be taken in government organizations.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high-ranking officials on Wednesday, said that the Judiciary would support attempts by the government to fight corruption and would propose more effective checks and balances to prevent economic corruption.

He stressed on the necessity of harmony between different government bodies and state agencies in fighting corruption and highlighted the government’s role in reduction of crime and removing the grounds conducive for economic prerogatives; “the government should put in its agenda the serious plans to fight corruption and move from lip service to actual implementation; the Judiciary will support the government’s attempts as stated before in uprooting corruption,” he added.

Amoli Larijani called the government as proposals to address effectively the problems in banking system and the environment as the most corruption-prone sectors to take over the economic privileges; “the most important way to restore public trust and encourage their participation in investments inside the country is control corruption and strict regulations,” he believed. “Prevention and strict measures to curb corruption would do the same in restoring public trust and win the confidence of those who love to serve the country,” he said.

He touched upon also on recent terrorism events in France; “we condemn the incident altogether; however, we invite the west to review its double-standards on terrorism, since these sorts of policy would bring nothing to the west; they treat terrorism as bad and good terrorism; whereas terrorism of any sort is condemned and should be hated and treated honestly,” Larijani asserted.

“Committing terrorism in the name of Islam and promoting secularism in  Muslim countries are two plots devised by the west and Zionist regime to destroy the face of Islam; these measures are sources of Islamophobia, and after French terrorist murders, the attacks against Muslim religious centers have escalated,” said the head of the Judiciary.

He also called all government officials to revoke their support for the media and individuals who “work to sow discord between authorities; the behind-the-door hands plotting against the national unity are too obvious; all should act according to Constitution which would abort any attempts to create chaos to advance their vested-interests,” Amoli Larijani emphasized.

By Mehr News Agency

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