Rouhani: Iran keen on good ties with neighbors

Bushehr, Jan 12, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran is keen on good relations with all the neighbors and it is a mistake if anyone among the neighboring states think the otherwise.
‘We do not wish to stand against any of the neighbors and act against them; we want to have good neighborly ties especially southern states of the Persian Gulf.’

The president said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to develop commercial and economic ties with the neighbors.

‘They will invest in our country and we will invest in their country as well because security, welfare and development will be possible by cooperation.’

He said strife, conflict and interference are harmful.

‘Such moves will not reap no benefit for anybody. The Islamic Republic of Iran neither intends to interfere nor will accept any interference.’

The president said that collective resolve to develop friendship will guarantee ‘our interests’.

The president said that Iran favors win-win strategy in diplomatic relations with all the neighboring states serving interests of all.

‘We have had historical and cultural relations with the neighboring countries, no matter they are Muslim or non-Muslim. The neighboring countries have well received the message in this government that we seek good and brotherly relations as well as good-neighborly ties with all.’

The President touched on crude oil revenues and said, ‘We should not rely on oil, let’s say crude oil. Perhaps the oil price fall, caused on false idea of piling up pressure on two to three countries, will be an opportunity for us and we should turn it into an opportunity.’

He said it is not so much difficult task to make up for petrodollars.

‘We should be a little bit each other’s friend and improve our relations with other countries, joining hands and try to replace non-oil exports with the oil exports. This is not difficult.’



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