Religious minorities MPs felicitate Prophet Mohammad PBUH birthday

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA – Representative of religious minorities in parliament issued a communiqué on Wednesday congratulating the blessed birth anniversary of the last Messenger of Allah, Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to Iranian nation and world Muslims.
  ‘The blessing of the presence and existence of Divine Prophets (P) is a never-ending piece of good fortune that crystallizes piety, justice, kindness, wisdom, insight, love of mankind, and enthusiasm for unity with the Unique One, peace and friendship,’ said the communiqué, read out by parliament’s vice-speaker.

‘We, the representatives of the legal religious minorities in Islamic Republic of Iran hereby wholeheartedly congratulate the blessed birth anniversary of the Prophet of Islam (P) to the Grand Leader of the Revolution, heads of the three branches of power, civil and military officials, deal colleagues, and the dear Iranian fellow citizens.’

The religious minorities’ parliament members have at the end emphasized that they believe from the bottom of their hearts in what they have said in this communiqué, and that the love and feeling of peaceful coexistence among Iranians from all walks of life, beliefs, majority, and minorities will continue for good, paving the path for Iran’s continuous development and advancement.



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