Iran to produce Infrared heating lamps

TEHRAN, Jan. 03 (MNA) – Iranian researchers try to make lamps to generate heat in addition to light.

Mohammad Hossein Siadati, industrial infrared lamp project executive at Khajeh Nasir University of Technology, told Mehr News that the industrial infrared lamps are designed to increase the surface of a material from room temperature (25°C) by 900 degrees in one minute.

“Another feature of infrared lamps is to change lamp power and adjust the wattage of the lamp depending on the application,” Siadati added.

Mohammad Siadati said that infrared industrial lamps are used in drying metal materials. “In non-industrial cases, infrared lamps are used for fast drying paint on the car at the factories,” he explained, adding that the lamps are also applied in high-tech welding of components.

Noting that the infrared lamps are imported items, Siadati said annually more than three million Infrared lamps enter the country from China and Germany. Self-sufficiency in their production may account for a lot of foreign exchange savings for the country, he stressed.

“Infrared lamps have been studied under reverse engineering,” Siadati said, stressing the need for budget allocation for the production in near future.

By Mehr News Agency

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