330 million USD: 2014 last week trade value in IME

Tehran, Jan 1, IRNA – In the last week of 2014, 622Kt of various types of commodities were traded in Iran Mercantile Exchange with the total value of 330 million USD.
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, more than 325 KT of products with the total value of 162 million USD were traded in the metals and minerals trading floor of IME.

Furthermore, 219Kt of steel sections, 100Kt of iron ore, 2,310Mt of copper, 3,620 MT of aluminum, 100Mt of molybdenum concentrate, 100 MT of zinc, 9Mt of precious metals concentrate and 9 Kg of golf were traded in the same trading floor.

In the locals and export trading floor of IME for oil and petrochemical products, 296Kt of commodities with the total value of 196 million USD were traded. The report adds, more than 139Kt of bitumen, 40 Kt of polymers, 60Kt of VB, 20Kt of sulfur, 1.4 Kt of insulations and 20 MT of gas and feeds were bought by customers.

In the agricultural trading floor of IME, 190 MT of maize were traded.



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